Health has always been wealth. No matter how much money you might have in your wallet or your bank, it would not matter if you get sick and when you die, none of that money will be going with you to the grave. Thus, you should always keep in mind to take care of your health because if you do, you will have more years of fruitfulness, success, and chances to make everything right by you. Being healthy will be a key for you to achieve more things and to be successful in many endeavors that will cross your way. Your health should always be your top priority in anything that you do. You should always include your health in the considerations that you are going to make in the future. Sometimes, people tend to forget their health and regret it in the end. After all, when you get sick, you will not be able to do anything you want to do because you will have some disabilities. Even a simple cough or cold nowadays would not allow you to go outside and interact with people.      Now that the world is still combating this deadly Corona Virus, we should all be mindful of our health. We should not be passive in our health because it is our wealth in these trying times. You have surely heard of what this deadly virus can do to people; it could cause body malaise, difficulty breathing, and even death in some severe cases, which is scary but avoidable. As long as you know the basic things that you need to do to avoid contracting diseases, such as taking vitamins or even some types of herbal extracts, you would help you stay safe and healthy and the people around you.    But, to lend you help, even more, we figured that it would be helpful for everyone to know the things we should do to stay healthy and avoid getting sick. Thus, we can provide you that information through this article.    DO NOT BE AFRAID TO GET VACCINATED   Vaccines should not be feared. Thus, if you have a chance to have the vaccine, especially when it is free, you should take it because the medical experts are working hard to provide a vaccine for all of us to be safe in these times.    ALWAYS WASH YOUR HANDS    Washing your hands is always a good thing too. Especially if you went outside to do necessary tasks like buying some groceries, buying medicine, and other important stuff, you should always see that you wash your hands to get rid of germs and viruses you got from touching stuff.    EAT HEALTHILY   Eating healthy food will do you good because it will give your body the proper nutrition it needs. Healthy foods will strengthen your immune system, which will make you not that vulnerable to contracting different diseases.   We suggest that you do the things above to stay healthy and not forget to take some herbal goodness and other vitamins to strengthen your health.